Residential Outdoor Lighting Installations

Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation For Your Home

Every Residential Low Voltage LED lighting system we install is a blend between our customers’ vision and our design expertise. Lighting the architectural features of your home is not only beautiful but provides safety and function as well. Lighting your landscapes, patios, walkways, ponds, pools and decks expands the living space to the outdoors and lets you enjoy your property well into the night.We achieve this typically by coming out to the customers’ residence and providing a FREE Evening Demonstration. This process allows us to combine our design expertise with the customers’ vision to achieve the desired look that best showcases their home. We consider this the equivalent of a LIGHTING TEST DRIVE. The demonstration allows our customers to work with us to achieve the best look for the home and one that makes them feel comfortable.

Landscape Lighting Installation Methods

All of our installations are built for longevity and durability. We use high quality American made fixtures manufactured in North Carolina and the highest quality transformers, wire, connectors, and LED bulbs available. During each installation we pay special attention to the depth of our cable in grass areas to eliminate concerns of cut lines during aeration.

Our slit trenching methods cause minimal disturbance to the turf, as soil is not lifted above the turf surface on to the grass. Around the home and flowerbeds we try to remain close to the architecture or close to the edge of the flowerbeds to alleviate concerns of a cut line during planting.

We trench and staple down all wire to minimize resurfacing through soil and mulch. All of our connections are hard-wired using industrial grade wire nuts filled with a specially formulated electrical joint compound to resist corrosion and enhance conductivity. Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals Inc. does NOT use any “quick connect” cable connectors.

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