Outdoor Lighting in Durham, NC

Since 2003, Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals have happily been offering services to Durham, NC and the greater Raleigh area. We’re more than pleased to be able to tender our talent, expertise, and efficient work on outdoor lighting systems to Durham homeowners and business owners.

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As a family-run, small, local business, your opinion of our lighting work matters to us greatly and we strive to go above and beyond your expectations of us. We believe that outdoor lighting is about more than simply increasing the value of your property, it’s about taking pride in what’s yours and helping it transform into something beautiful.

Durham Outdoor Lighting Designs

durham outdoor lightingWhere ever the project is located — home, business, park, or monument — we at Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals pride ourselves at being able to provide a quality lighting system customized to that location. All of our outdoor lighting systems are designed after dark. Why do we do that? It’s so that both you and the design team can see exactly what the final product will look like. This method allows you to see exactly how the system will look on your property before you purchase.

Lighting Products

At Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, we proudly use American-made products when we build and install your Durham outdoor lighting system. We’ve found that ultimately, the most expensive system is the one that doesn’t work, that’s why we use top quality products made right here in North Carolina to light our installations.

Exterior Lighting Installations

Our top priority during our outdoor lighting projects is ensuring that the system is installed well. That’s why we employ only the very best on our crew — to ensure that the projects is completed efficiently, professionally, and neatly. We safely complete all work and bury all underground cabling ourselves. Low voltage transformers are installed on all of our systems and many customers use a digital timer on their systems.

Residential Outdoor Lighting for Durham Homes

A customized outdoor lighting design from Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals can have a dramatic effect on your home. An outdoor lighting system can increase the value of your home, allow you better use of your outdoor spaces, and raises curb appeal. Contact us today to find out how beautiful your Durham home can look.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Durham Businesses

Help draw more attention to your Durham business by installing a customized outdoor lighting system from Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals. Low-voltage LED lighting systems are affordable and the illumination design will ensure your storefront is safe, beautiful, and noticeable. Along with lighting business locations, Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals also light parks, statues, monuments, HOA signs, and more.

Outdoor Uplighting, Downlighting, Moonlighting, and Other Services for Durham

Special lighting techniques can create different effects on your property and produce a special mood that you’d like to see. As leaders in the industry, Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals are pleased to offer many kinds of lighting techniques for your Durham property, including:

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You won’t know how amazing your property can look until you can see it with your own eyes. Contact Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals today to schedule your free night demonstration. Contact us to schedule by filling out the form below or calling us at 919-523-0561.

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