Holly Springs, NC Outdoor Lighting

Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals have been proudly offering services to Holly Springs, NC and the greater Raleigh-Durham area for close to two decades. We’re a local, family-run business that understands the how much you appreciate good customer service and quality installations. We’re pleased to provide our expertise, talents, and efficient outdoor lighting work to Holly Springs homeowners and business owners.

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We view our outdoor lighting installations and designs as more than a way to increase the value of your property, it’s about helping your property transform into something beautiful. We appreciate your business and work hard to bring you an extra level of service that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Holly Springs Outdoor Lighting Designs

landscape lighting system residentialWe pride ourselves in being experts at designing quality outdoor lighting systems for any building or venue. We know this to be true because we’ll always customize your system to your needs. When you hire Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals to design your Holly Springs system, we come out after dark to design it. Why? This way, both you and our design team can get a real sense of what the final product will look like. This demo session let you “test drive” the system before you make a purchase.

Lighting Products

Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals are proud to use only the best American-made products on your custom landscape lighting design. With any system you install on your Holly Springs property, the most expensive one will be the one that doesn’t work. That’s why we only use the best products and ensure that they are properly configured for your system. Long-lasting, high-performance exterior lighting systems are our specialty.

Exterior Lighting Installations

Our first priority during any project is making sure that your Holly Springs outdoor lighting system has a quality installation. Our crew is known for neat work, professional demeanor, and efficient labor. We want your neighbors to notice how beautiful your property looks, not large amounts of cabling or disturbed landscaping. We safely install and bury the underground lines and our clients often tell us that they can’t even tell where the lines are afterward. Low voltage transformers are installed on all of our systems, but most clients use a digital timer to control the system.

Residential Outdoor Lighting for Holly Springs Homes

Transform your home with a customized outdoor lighting design from Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals. When you’ve spent the time and effort to ensure that you have a beautiful home, you want it to look that way regardless of what time it is. Our stunning residential outdoor lighting systems can help increase the value of your home, raise curb appeal, and lets you expand the use of your outdoor spaces.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Holly Springs Businesses

You can draw more attention to your Holly Springs business location when you install a custom outdoor lighting system from Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals. Our lighting systems will help keep the area safe, beautiful, and noticeable. With low voltage LEDs, your system will be affordable and effective. In addition to lighting commercial buildings, we also provide services for monuments, signs, statues, HOA signs, and much more.

Outdoor Uplighting, Downlighting, Moonlighting, and Other Services for Holly Springs

As experts in the business, Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals can provide many styles and techniques to help your buildings, gardens, and other outdoor spaces look their best.

We offer many lighting techniques to beautify your Holly Springs property, including:

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A unique lighting design for your Holly Springs property is just the thing to help your property look its best, so contact Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals today. Our free night demo will show you exactly how wonderful your property could look, so there’s no time to waste. Contact us for your free night demonstration by filling out the form below or calling us at 919-523-0561.

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