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Outdoor Lighting Services
Our systems are designed on-site at night with the customer, assuring 100% satisfaction. Your design will achieve the most aesthetic nighttime ambience possible. We also make sure to meet special needs as well as safety, security, and budget requirements. With an evening outdoor lighting demonstration, our customers can SEE the result before committing to the investment. System installation, expansion, control, service, and maintenance are fully explained during evening design sessions.
As a performance contractor, our product is your experience and satisfaction! We want to be sure your lighting system looks great all night, every night. To give you the best custom lighting system possible, we use top lighting equipment ClaroLux, CAST, Unique such as manufacturers Lighting Systems, and many others. Each fixture and component is accurately configured to meet the application requirement. All cabling is professional-grade and variable-gauged for maximum safety, performance, and resistance to oxidation.
We use professional methods to ensure quality and integrity at each fixture per specification. Special care is taken with underground cabling so it will not be disturbed by edging and aeration equipment. Transformers are never overloaded and each system is installed to overcome long-distance voltage loss. In a typical system, one or more transformers can be installed outdoors, in a crawl space or utility room, or other specified locations to optimize power distribution. Most customers choose to control their system with a programmable wireless controller, eliminating the need to interface directly with a transformer.
Residential Outdoor Lighting Installations

Every Residential Low Voltage LED lighting system we install is a blend between our customers’ vision and our design expertise.  Lighting the architectural features of your home is not only beautiful but provides safety and function as well. Lighting your landscapes, patios, walkways, ponds, pools and decks expands the living space

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Outdoor Lighting Service

We service all types of low voltage lighting systems. Residential and Commercial services are available. We can schedule a visit to best diagnose the systems needs and discuss with you the options associated with system recovery. From simple bulb replacements to redesigns and reconstruction we can make your system work again.

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