Outdoor Lighting in Rolesville

Carolina Outdoor Lighting proudly provides exterior lighting to Rolesville, Wake Forest, and the entire Raleigh-Durham area. Since 2003, we’ve designed and installed thousands of outdoor lighting systems for customers all over Wake County and the surrounding areas.

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Customer satisfaction is our first priority and we work hard to make sure your new system is installed efficiently, professionally, and according to plan. All of our exterior lighting systems are tailor-made to complement your property and make it look even better at night than it does during the day.

Outdoor Lighting Services in Rolesville

rolesville nc exterior lightingBefore we start designing your new system, we want to make sure you’re going to be happy with the results. This is why we offer a free evening demo, which we call our lighting test drive. Our crew will come to your home or office to show you how an exterior lighting system transforms the look of your property. Once you see it, we know you’ll love it!

Lighting Products

The most expensive exterior lighting system is the one that requires constant maintenance. That’s why we use only the highest quality LED bulbs on the market and American-made fixtures. All of our systems are installed with a low-voltage transformer and most customers choose to control their system with an easy-to-use digital timer.

Installing Outdoor Lighting Systems

We design and install our exterior landscape systems at night to give you and our designers a complete idea of what the finished product will look like. We use special techniques to ensure your lawn, gardens, and flowerbeds are minimally disrupted by the installation. We always leave the worksite the way we found it and bury cables so securely that many of our clients say they can’t tell where they are!

Residential Outdoor Lighting in Rolesville

An exterior lighting system can change the look and feel of your property, including outdoor areas like pools, ponds, decks, and patios. In addition to allowing you to enjoy more time outside, residential outdoor lighting adds an extra layer of security and increases your curb appeal. All good reasons to be even more proud of your home!

Outdoor Lighting for Your Rolesville Business

Adding outdoor lighting to your business makes it easier for passersby and potential customers to see your storefront or office. As most business owners know, more awareness means more revenue! An exterior lighting system also goes a long way in making your employees and customers feel safer at night. Our low-voltage systems are more affordable than you think, and are a great addition to any business.

Additional Exterior Lighting Services in Rolesville

From your home to your office, we’re proud to offer a wide range of outdoor lighting services to our Rolesville clients:

  • Uplighting of trees and architecture
  • Downlighting of pathways and driveways
  • Moonlighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Patio & deck lighting
  • Bistro lights
  • Dock lighting
  • Statue & monument lighting
  • Sign lighting

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