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The crew at Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals take pride in being the top landscape lighting and exterior lighting design and installation company serving Morrisville and the Raleigh-Durham area. The work that we do for your property is about more than simply raising the curb appeal — it’s about taking pride in what you own.

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We’re a local, family-run business, which means we understand how valuable good customer service is to you and your opinion matters to us. Your satisfaction with our work is our highest priority, so we aim to go above and beyond with our work. We take pride in our expertise, skills, and the quality of work that we can provide to you and we’re sure that once you see our work with your own eyes, you’ll be astonished and delighted.

Outdoor Lighting Designs for Morrisville

morrisville outdoor lighting

We at Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals believe that your outdoor lighting system should be tailored to your property and your needs. That’s why we always customize our systems to the building, patio, or garden that we’re working on. Most systems we design are done at night — that way both you and our design team can see how it will look once it’s finished and allows you to “test drive” your system before you purchase it.

Lighting Products

Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals are proud to use American-made and manufactured parts in our systems. We do this because our top priority on your Morrisville project is ensuring a quality installation. We know from experience that the most expensive system you can purchase is the one that ends up not working. When you hire Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals to install your lighting system, we ensure that you get the best products and that they’re properly configured for your system.

Installing Your Outdoor Lighting System

Ensuring that your system is installed properly means we need the best crew available and we’re proud to say that that’s who we’ve hired. Our work is quick, tidy, and professional — we safely install all underground cabling and bury the lines so that that you can’t tell where the earth has been disturbed. Each system is installed with a low voltage transformer and many customers engage a digital timer to control their lights.

Morrisville Residential Outdoor Lighting Services

When you’re looking to improve the nighttime appearance of your home, call Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals. Our lighting systems will help raise the value of your home, increase the curb appeal, and allow you to use your outdoor spaces more often. Schedule one of our free night demos to see exactly how transformed your home will be with a custom outdoor lighting design.

Morrisville Commercial Outdoor Lighting Services

More visibility on your storefront means more business. Increase your revenue flow when you contact Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals for your Morrisville business location. An outdoor lighting system will help your business stand out more on the side of the road, will make it look more beautiful, and will help make the area safe. With low-voltage LED lighting, it’s more affordable than ever. Along with storefront lighting, we also provide lighting for parks, monuments, statues, HOA signs, and more.

Morrisville Uplighting, Downlighting, Moonlighting, and More

Achieve the ambiance that you’d like to see on your property with specialty lighting techniques from Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals. We are proficient in many lighting techniques, including:

Schedule Your Free Night Demo in Morrisville Today

Everything is more believable when you can physically see it — that’s why scheduling a night demonstration with Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals should be your next move. Contact us today to set up your free demo to see exactly how beautiful your property can look. To schedule, fill out the form below or call us at 919-523-0561