Commercial Outdoor Lighting Installations

Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation for Your Business

Commercial buildings with the correct lighting draw the attention of potential customers no matter what time of day. Increased awareness leads to increased business! Make sure potential customers don’t miss your business when it’s dark, make it pop with low-voltage outdoor lighting. Plus, don’t lose out on 10-12 hours of advertising per night, make sure your business or office space is visible at night by using our low-voltage outdoor lighting controlled by date and location-specific astronomic digital timers.

About Low-Voltage LED Lighting Systems

Low-voltage LED lighting systems are a much more energy-efficient and greener alternative to the increasing cost of high-voltage lighting for commercial buildings, landscaping, and signage. Also, we shouldn’t forget the added safety and security that comes with adding lights to your business or office building, entrances, outdoor walkways, and common areas. Nothing makes a building less appealing to customers than feeling unsafe when it gets dark. Light up your commercial building or office space and draw in more business.

Landscape Lighting for Neighborhood Entrances

Whether the entrance to your neighborhood has simple signage or elaborate structures and landscaping, Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals Inc. can design a low-voltage lighting system that makes coming home at night to your neighborhood a safe and elegant experience. Note that if 120V AC power is not available at or near the entrance, we can provide electrical requirements and/or refer the appropriate contractors to complete the project.

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