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Are you looking to illuminate your outdoor living space by adding lights but don’t know where to begin? Our Raleigh exterior lighting company is ready to help you create your perfect outside oasis for 2023. 

There are a lot of reasons to install outdoor lighting on the exterior of your home. Limiting the time you spend outdoors at home to daylight hours can feel restricting on your own property. Using outdoor lights to spruce up a patio or deck can maximize your outside space and extend your enjoyment of it to after hours.

The Best Outdoor Task Lighting for 2023

Outdoor task lighting simply refers to the type of lighting needed to perform a particular task outside– this can be helpful to perform a specific task like safely utilizing the grill or used to brighten up a space to share a meal on the patio with family.

  • Porch and deck tasks:  downlights/area lights, deck lights, and LED stair lights create safe and beautiful front porch and backyard deck aesthetics. 
  • Patio grilling: pendant lights and under-counter lighting are great for cooking and meal prep, providing the necessary brightness for outdoor productivity. 
  • Patio eating: chandeliers, candles, and lanterns allow you to entertain guests outdoors with the intimate, flickering ambiance of illumination. 

Carolina Outdoor Lighting offers unique residential outdoor lighting options in to suit your needs regardless of the outdoor activities you enjoy!

Outdoor Lighting to Create Ambiance 

One of the main reasons to add the sparkle of outdoor lighting to your yard is to create the ideal ambiance for your home. Depending on how you hope to use your patio or outside living space, outdoor lighting trends for 2023 will help guide your preferences. 

Color-changing lights

Part of the fun in adapting the exterior of your house to reflect your personality is the ability to change the atmosphere along with your mood. Using RGBW lights adds a surprisingly versatile approach to your outdoor lighting aesthetic. 

multicolored uplighting raleigh nc

RGBW lighting is named for the colors used– red, green, blue, and white. This means you can choose one shade of color at a time to set the mood, or program your lights to alternate through a variety of colors at once. This outdoor lighting trend brings any backyard to life for a celebration or holiday. Use them year-round to enjoy the vibrancy of a fun place to spend your nights. 


When you spend time outside it’s often healing and comforting to bask in the natural glow of the moon. Unfortunately, our plans to spend time in the backyard don’t always align with the moon’s schedule. That’s why installing moonlighting– lighting used to mimic the feel and sensation of natural moonlight delivers the relaxing sensation of a natural outdoor setting on any day of the year. 

Moonlighting is installed from above, cascading the light source down toward you. One of the best trends for moonlighting in 2023 is to install downward-facing floodlights 20-25 feet high in a tree. The light will shine through the branches making it an ideal spot to set up a hammock or a cozy blanket and pillows to create a unique spot to enjoy a drink or cup of tea at night as though you’re sitting underneath the moon.

Bistro Lights

Just like you see in your favorite outdoor-seated restaurant, bistro lights (commonly called string lights) transform a dull deck or porch. Bistro lights are popular for outdoor entertaining, whether it’s a small get-together or a large party, combining functionality, safety, and visual appeal. 

Two of the most popular bistro light trends for 2023 are globe bulbs and fairy lights. 

Bistro Lights in Raleigh

Globe Bulbs:

Classic and timeless while adding a touch of glamor to your outdoor space, globe lights come in teardrop or sphere shapes strewn along a string. These are commonly used for weddings, dinner parties, or for creating a bohemian-inspired oasis in your backyard.

Fairy lights

More and more people are discovering the magical essence that can be brought to a home’s exterior with the addition of fairy lights hidden among the bushes or trees. The tiny bulbs are meant to resemble the flicker of a firefly at night, allowing you to spruce up your atmosphere with some whimsy. 

Bistro lights come in the form of LED, solar-powered, incandescent, and battery-operated options, making them a viable option regardless of budget, the size of your space, or access to an accessible power outlet. 

Lighting Water Features from Within

If you have a pool, pond, waterfall, or fountain, adding a lighting feature to the water provides an attention-grabbing focal point in your yard. Underwater lights add a soft and calm glow to water. Lighting water features from below draw the eye’s attention, allowing your yard to have a beautiful place to draw focus toward in the dark of night.

Residential Outdoor Lighting in Raleigh

Working with electricity to install lights near or in water should only be done with the help of a professional. Contact us to discuss options for water light features to your backyard aesthetic. 

Landscape Lighting Trends for 2023

One of the most significant ways to add value, appeal, and security to your home is through landscape lighting. Brightening the gardens, trees, pathways, and little hidden nooks in the exterior of your home can make dark, enclosed spaces vibrant and charming. With so many options available on the market, you may not know what type of lighting features you want or need.

Downlighting vs. Spotlighting

When looking to light a feature of your garden or landscape that is close to the ground, downlights are affixed high above the head. The light source comes from above, making trees and branches an ideal spot to place the fixture. Because downlighting comes from above, it creates a similar effect as moonlighting, offering a subtle, warm, and natural glow. 

Spotlights illuminate from below. Garden beds, underneath trees, and below visual components like columns, artwork, or garden statues are the perfect placements for spotlights. If you’re looking to draw attention toward a particular feature, location, or item in your yard, highlighting it with a spotlight is sure to impress visitors and elevate the space. 

Path Lights

The purpose of path and area lights is to project the light down toward your feet. Lighting the walking path from your driveway to the front door or lighting the route from your garden to the deck are great ways to ensure safety when navigating your yard.

Raleigh Path Lighting

There are a variety of different path lights available, ranging in price and craftsmanship. Most path lights will stake into the ground and are designed with a canopy top to encourage the light to travel downward. 

Underlit Hardscapes

Underlit hardscape lighting adds drama and a contemporary look to your outdoor space. Trends for 2023 bring underlit hardscape lighting to fire pits and the counters and cabinets of outdoor kitchens. In addition to adding visual appeal, underlit hardscape lights are used to hide less attractive floodlighting or hardscape surfaces you would like to hide. 

Fire Pit Lighting in Raleigh
Fire Pit Lighting in Raleigh

Most underlit hardscape lights attach to overhangs or the underside of capstones found on columns, pillars, gazebos, or walls. If your home’s exterior incorporates brick, stone, or marble design features, underlit hardscape lighting is one of the best trends to follow this year. 

Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Lighting

It’s no secret that home design and decor for both indoor and outdoor living in 2023 focuses on sustainability. Each day homeowners try to find ways not only to reduce the cost of energy used in their homes but to reduce their individual carbon footprints. With that in mind, Carolina Lights offers environmentally friendly lighting options for your residential landscaping needs. 

What are the benefits of using LED lights for new landscape installations and retrofitting outdated halogen lights to LED? 

  • the same warmth of color illuminated 
  • less heat produced
  • bulbs last much longer
  • less energy is consumed
  • ecologically friendly

Set Up Your Raleigh Home with the Best Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2023

With these outdoor lighting trends, you can create a usable and inviting hang-out spot and incorporate new lighting features with security and safety in mind. To learn more about our lighting services or to schedule a free, no-obligation evening demonstration and consultation in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Morrisville, and the surrounding areas, please reach out to us today at 919-523-0561 or fill out our easy-to-use contact form.