how to choose outdoor lighting

If you are looking to boost the curb appeal of your home by adding outdoor lighting or upgrading your existing outdoor lighting fixtures, there are several factors you should consider. At Carolina Outdoor Lighting, our experts in residential landscape lighting design have helped many Triangle area homeowners illuminate their yards. 

Let’s get started by looking at what to consider when choosing outdoor lighting fixtures and designs– whether you envision hardscape lighting that will bring a focus to the front of your house, uplighting that showcases your flowerbeds, or you plan to entertain in your backyard bistro light lit party space, we have all the things to consider when choosing outdoor lighting for your home.

Decide What Spaces You Want to Accent

Knowing what spaces you want to install outdoor lights in is one of the first things to consider when choosing outdoor lighting for your home. In order to do that, look at the current lighting situation of your yard and consider your purpose for installing or upgrading your outdoor lighting landscape. 

Existing Lighting and Neighboring Lights  

Do you live on a busy street where street lamps or a neighbor’s yard already provide some lighting to your property? Or, are you in a more rural location or a home that is set back and removed from any surrounding homes or businesses? 

Determining the type of lighting your house and yard currently receive can help you make a list of the places you wish had more or better outdoor lighting. This also includes the current lights you have on your property, and if you want them upgraded to new lights, removed completely, or kept as they are. 

The Purpose of Your Outdoor Lights

There are a lot of reasons to install outdoor lighting on your property– from security and safety concerns to wanting to entertain once the sun sets, the list of reasons to brighten up your house and yard might be endless. By thinking about how you plan to utilize the spaces of your home where you want to install lighting, you can determine the best places to have those new lights installed. 

Do you want to achieve a chic, sophisticated look to the front of your house while also providing optimal safety to prevent slips and falls? Are you focused on wanting to highlight the beautiful landscaping designs, or uplighting a pool or fountain for aesthetic appeal? Maybe your purpose for your new outdoor lighting fixtures is to host friends and family late into the night.  When considering your outdoor lighting options, think about the purpose of the lights. 

Common Places to Install Outdoor Lighting

  • Fronts of houses
  • Driveways
  • Pathways/walkways 
  • Porches and patios
  • Pools and fountains 
  • Flower beds
  • Trees
  • Exterior walls/facade

Choose Your Design Aesthetic 

Once you know where you want to have your outdoor lighting installed, it’s time to consider what your outdoor lighting aesthetic is. Once you know the type of look that appeals to you, your outdoor lighting company can help you choose what fixtures will work best with your property and your aesthetic preferences. 

What’s Your Style? 

Some homeowners know exactly what styles of lighting they love, while others are unsure of the effect they want to create with their outdoor lighting. When looking at what to consider when choosing outdoor lighting, it’s smart to narrow down what kind of look appeals to you and suits your home and style. 

Here are some outdoor lighting design styles and themes homeowners might consider: 

  • Minimalist and modern 
  • Traditional farmhouse 
  • Coastal style lights
  • Mystical and dreamy 
  • Chic and expensive looking 

Types of Lighting Fixtures

When you know the type of design style you like, it’s easier to then choose the types of lighting fixtures that will communicate that aesthetic. 

Looking at the types of lighting fixtures available, you might consider: 

  • Spotlights
  • Track lighting 
  • Moonlighting 
  • Multi-colored lights 
  • LED lights 
  • Hardscape lighting
  • Uplighting and downlighting 

If you are unsure what type of lighting features would help communicate your design aesthetic, that’s not a problem. At Carolina Outdoor Lighting, our talented outdoor lighting installation team can help any homeowner communicate their vision into a fully realized design landscape with outdoor lighting. 

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