Outdoor LED Lighting Upgrading / Retrofit

Retrofit Your Existing Outdoor Lighting System

We offer the ability for our customers to upgrade or retrofit their current halogen low voltage systems to LED low voltage systems. LED technology has reached a level where you can have the same color warmth as a halogen bulb with little to no heat, less energy consumption, and a much longer lasting bulb.

Whether it’s upgrading your bulbs from halogen to LED as halogen bulbs burn out, or completely upgrading your system to LED technology, Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals Inc. is your premier company for all your lighting needs. We also offer commercial outdoor lighting and residential lighting solutions.

Advantages of using LED Lights

  1. Energy Efficient
  2. Long Bulb Lifespan
  3. Ecologically Friendly
  4. Lower Running Temperature
  5. Durability – Strong Design and Construction
  6. Longevity – Less stress on fixtures and transformer

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